Seasons of Sustainability: Summer
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Seasons of Sustainability: Summer

April 28


While many industries slow down in the summer, the warmer, longer days bring a boost of activity in the world of wine. We can always expect to see an increase in tourists and locals looking to explore the wineries and vineyards in the coming summer months, all while the excitement of harvest brews behind the scenes. That's why we've compiled some tips to help prepare you for the busy season ahead!

3 Tips for All SIP Certified Members

  1. Prepare for SIP Certified audits and wine certifications
  2. Plan for increased tours about the unique region
  3. Promote upcoming events and share the busy-season buzz on social media



Tips for Vineyards

  • Irrigate based on weather and soil/ plant moisture status
  • Finalize crop estimates, contracts, and harvest orders
  • Schedule harvest forklift, confined space, and safety trainings


Tips for Wineries

  • Keep the cellar cool with insulated walls and night fans
  • Keep your doors open later to take advantage of the sunlight and increase traffic
  • Empower your tasting room staff to talk about sustainability with customers